Linfield Industrial Park – Linfield, Pennsylvania

Linfield Industrial Park – Linfield, PA

While on a hunt for Pennhurst State School and Hospital (originally known as the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic), me and Ahmadi ended up running across Linfield Industrial Park and Limerick Nuclear Plant.

Linfield Industrial Park – Linfield, PA

While we were able to get into the Industrial park and walk around, when we tried to get close to take pictures of the Nuke facility a kid (maybe 20) with an AR15 drove up and told us we had to leave. Yeah, I know, big surprise, but I still had to try.

Linfield Industrial Park – Linfield, PA

The industrial park itself was a treasure trove of cold spots and creepy scenery. From what I’ve been able to find online, it apparently spans 192 acres and used to be used as a warehouse and whiskey distillery. Later in life the site was used to repackage and distribute antifreeze and ammonia based cleaners.

the abandoned house

We found an abandoned house on the property that we crawled through. The house itself was a fantastic display of decay. It probably wasn’t entirely safe to go into, much less on the upper level, but with careful tread we made it safely in, through and out. Got some gorgeous shots.

inside the abandoned house

There was lots of gang tagging all over the place, as well as random crap scrawled on walls, etc. This was definitely a teenage party house. Hell, I probably would’ve hung out here in my teens as well.  I took a couple of vids with my iPhone, but they’re not copying over in a format that will play in Quick Time for some reason. Once I figure out what’s causing that, I’ll post them as well.

the dark, ruined room

We hit a couple of good cold spots and a dark, ruined room that felt like a freezer. Didn’t get a sense of negativity or menace from anything. There are many other sites that have multiple photographs of Linfield Industrial Park (also known as: Publicker). Although I’m guessing it’s pretty illegal to trespass, a group of kids were walking through as we headed to the bigger buildings. We watched as they scaled the water tower, shaking our heads. Ah, youth. They’re immortal, right?

The Water Tower

One kid got to the top of the water tower, but didn’t want to venture out on the roof, apparently. Maybe not so dumb as we thought.

All in all, great adventure.


4 thoughts on “Linfield Industrial Park – Linfield, Pennsylvania

  1. Hey, I’d like to know a little more detail on how you entered and where you parked. Much appreciated. We are investigating filming here. Thank you and may you continue your fantastic adventures with godspeed.

    • The site isn’t open to the public, so we had to trespass. While we were there, lots of kids seemed to be walking through – almost as if they crossed through on their way back from school. I think we parked at a pulloff where you had to walk for a bit to get to a section of fence that you could pop through. Good luck with filming!

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