Austin Adventures, pt 1

A lot has transpired since my last post, and I haven’t really gotten my thoughts together about all of it. I’ve been staying with my brother and his family out in Texas since the end of November, and it’s been… really, intensely cool to spend the last month and a half or so with my niece and nephews. I had been delinquent in actually spending any time with my brother and his family, so I feel a great deal better at having had the time to do so. It’s been very healing and awesome.

So, this weekend, I decided to check out some of the offbeat things Texas had to offer on my way down to Austin.

First location of the day: the Munster Mansion in Waxahatchie, TX. It’s not actually AT 1313 Mockingbird Lane, which made actually finding it fairly difficult. Because it’s the private residence of Sandra and Charles McKee, I’ll simply refer you to their site for the house: I really need to go and check the place out when they open it up for Halloween. Unfortunately, because it was still early in the morning and I could only get shots from the road, the sun positioning presented an irritation to getting an actually decent looking shot of the place. There are bunches online, however.

Inner Space Caverns – the way down

Second location of the day: Inner Space Caverns – all the advertising states that this is the one of the best preserved caves in Texas. Our tour guide showed us the holes that the Texas Highway Department core drilling team made into the caverns in the spring of 1963. The cave system itself is gorgeous, and the company offers a ‘wild cave’ experience, where you can actually crawl through some of the parts of the cave that they’ve left as nature preserved them.

inside Inner Space Caverns

I don’t know what it is about caverns/caves, but I get a very mellow, happy vibe whenever I go through them. They fascinate me and make me HUGELY happy. I’ve always loved dark, creepy low lit places – that’s very likly it. 🙂 I was VERY thankful that the kids on the tour weren’t yelling or complaining loudly. Some of the other groups going through were kinda loud. I took as many pictures as I could and put them up on my Flicker account here.

inside Inner Space Caverns

I then headed out to the Hamilton Pool Nature Reserve, but had gotten there too late to spend any appreciable time there – so I’m going to head back out there tomorrow morning. The surrounding hills on the way out there are just spectacular, white dirt and wild cactus growing everywhere. Having been thwarted on my first visit, I headed back towards Austin to try to find the Museum of the Wierd, but ended up on the wrong end of 6th st where all the live music is. At this point, I was famished and a little shaky. A single hotdog does not a lunch make. After hooking up with a friend for dinner at a Chinese buffet and a strange outing to a local Family Dollar, I meandered to the hotel and am now holing up for the night.

We will see what tomorrow will bring.


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