I did do a bit of running around today (yay, Coral Castle!), but haven’t yet gotten around to writing the trip report. I’ll get pics and words up about it later.

I did, however, go ahead and pick up a small, inexpensive 5,000 BTU home/window air conditioner today. The LOWES staff assured me that I would be able to use it in a room without having to actually put it in a window, but I’m dubious. It does come on, and does cool the van, but it also blows out hot air through the back venty thing (that’s a technical term, son), which I figured it would do, and wonder why the sales staff didn’t think it wouldn’t do. I’ve got it on the floor, tilted, and have plastic under it for any condensation runoff – but because heat rises, my upper body stays warm and I have to put a blanket over my legs.
Ah, First World Problems.

I don’t plan on running it for hours at a time, so I’m wondering if the setup will be ok. Only time will tell, I guess. They did say I could return it if it didn’t work out for me…


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  1. Uh… dude.

    An air conditioner doesn’t make cold.

    It takes heat from one place, and pushes it to some other place. Because of the whole entropy thing, it pushes more heat than it takes out. Which means that if both places are “inside the van” then running it will make the van HOTTER, not cooler.

    So here’s what you have to do: You need to make some kind of ductwork thing to make the air conditioner blow its hot air outside.

  2. Yeah. I get that now. 😦 Gonna return it this weekend. I can’t see an easy way to construct ductwork that will actually work for it without spending as much as I would on an AC unit that didn’t already have one. Ah, well.

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