A day at Tiki Zip Line in Denham Springs, LA

Today, for the second half of my birthday present, I finally went on a zipline extravaganza. I’ve wanted to get on a zipline run through the forest for almost twenty years now. This year, I got to live the dream.

The Tiki Zipline tour was completely fantastic. With platforms at varying heights, and lines of various lengths, the network of cables throughout the property is really well maintained, safe and hugely fun. You’ll zip far above canopies of trees, sometimes going through them. It’s a complete blast – and this is coming from somebody that has a fear of heights.

Some of the towers swayed a bit when we got to the top, adding to my accelerated heartrate, but it kinda kicked up the fun as well.

The guides are spectacular people. They know what they’re doing, and work hard to ensure that everybody is safe and having a great time.

The group of folks I went with were fantastic as well, very friendly and gregarious. Lots of laughter and racing hearts. Everybody else bravely went upside down as they zipped through the forest, but hell, it was plenty exciting for me just to be on the line in the first place. Maybe next time I’ll go upside down.

Should you find yourself down in southern Louisiana at any point in the near future, GO. It’s well worth it!



4 thoughts on “A day at Tiki Zip Line in Denham Springs, LA

  1. It was great meeting you on the Zipline Tour. Your description was perfect! Good luck on the rest of your trip and may you have many more interesting adventures! Looking forward to your new book too!

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