ad·ven·turea bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

Howdy, and welcome to the ramblings of a previously itinerant shaman!

I’m Rogue. I write erotic horror/erotica, sing, eulogize those who have crossed over, do oracular readings, challenge popular notions and am a socially marginal, mildly felonious anarcho-shamanic Lukumi Priestess, Palera and Spirit Worker.

For entirely too long, life had become little more than working and sleeping, with a minimal amount of socializing and actually getting out of the house. Back in 2010, that all changed. When prodded by a good friend to finally go out and have adventures again, it woke something up in me that’s now roaring and eager to explore. Having been born in downtown Washington D.C. and spending over fourty years living in the MD/DC/VA area, It was time to have a grand adventure on my own.

I am a psychopomp troubadour that has been on a roadtrip visionquest for clarity and strength of spirit since November of 2011. I was on the road for about two and a half years total. During this time, I chronicled my experiences through trip reports and photos. I have plans to release a book about the entire experience at some point, god only knows when that will be.

My goal was to visit as many places in the Continental US as possible; witnessing scenery I’d only previously seen in books or movies, as well as meeting and staying with wonderful, unusual strangers and friends that I’d either just met in person after knowing them online for a while, or known for years.

I visted everything from haunted hotels and aslyums to all the gorgeous scenic vistas that this country has to offer. It was an odd collection of stops, to be sure, but that’s what kept the adventure going.

I’ve since settled down on land of my own, but still feel the need to roam. I’ll get back on the road at some point, so this adventure might continue.

I love interacting with new people, and am always happy to chat.

If you’re curious and want to ask me anything, you can email me at ninjacooter@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting, and may you find adventure in your daily life as well. It’s good for the soul, it is.


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